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Link Care Services develops technical solutions for the diverse elderly care market.

Falls among the elderly: a serious problem

In 2013, 2 million people in France were 80 or older. In 2050, 4.8 million will be.

A fall is a major factor in a person’s loss of autonomy, and the primary cause of death in individuals over 80.

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12000 death per year elderly

Average cost of a fall

Estimated cost of a fall:2 billion euros

For the first time worldwide, the results of a clinical research program* have confirmed that EDAO video monitoring technology, invented and developed by LINK CARE SERVICES, lowers the rate of serious falls by 47% and could allow an annual reduction in spending of around €72 million based on the number of nursing home beds.
(* A three-year, randomized, multi-centre study involving 550 patients in several establishments.)

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Professor Dantoine, head of the geriatric department of Limoges University Hospital and Chair of the ‘Preventing autonomy loss for the at-home elderly’ Program of the University of Limoges, with support from the Bien Viellir Institute, conducted a clinical research program to evaluate the impact of falls on elderly patients using EDAO technology. Developed by Link Care Services, EDAO quickly detects any type of fall and assists health care attendants in specialized care structures to improve the health of elderly residents.

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EDAO: Cutting-edge technology to detect falls


EDAO quickly detects any type of fall: quick, slow, with or without apparent serious consequences and whether the person gets up by themselves or not.

EDAO also identifies when a person spends longer than usual in the bathroom.

Technology AND service: real assistance

EDAO video monitoring uses unique software, infra-red video sensors, a secure internet connection and human analysis. This analysis is carried out by agents at the monitoring centre, located at company headquarters in Paris. They are trained in the specifics of losing independence.

Automatic detection of risk situations

When EDAO is activated in a room, video is coded, encrypted and only read by the software. Images are NOT visible unless a risk situation is detected. If the software identifies a risk...

Assessment by a monitoring agent

...The alert is automatically displayed on a monitoring agent’s screen. The agent analyses the content and immediately notifies caregivers if necessary.

Confirmation alarm sent to caregivers

Caregivers are informed of a confirmed problem on their digital enhanced cordless phone or pager, as well as on a computer monitor located at the nursing station. The video footage disappears from the EDAO monitoring agent’s screen.

Logo EDAOEDAO: over 3,000 incidents detected per monthOperates 365 nights/yearMaintenance and technical assistance 7 days/week, 24hrs/day

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Over 1,500 rooms in 40 public, private and non-profit establishments are equipped with the EDAO system

The executive team

Pascal Brunelet picPascal Brunelet
Chief Executive Officer

Pascal Brunelet, a graduate of ESSEC (E. MBA) and the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland (Masters), has over 25 years of executive experience in service industries such as hospitality, food, catering and health care.

Through his different executive management roles, Pascal Brunelet has developed genuine expertise and multiple skills which have contributed to tangible results in France and abroad.

In the ten years prior to joining LCS, Mr Brunelet was Vice CEO of Colisée, the fifth biggest nursing care facility operator, with over 60 nursing and rehabilitation establishments and 2,500 employees in France.

Thomas Chiroux picThomas Chiroux
Technical Director

Thomas Chiroux began his career as a telecom engineer and in the last decade has accompanied the changes brought by deregulation in the telecoms industry. Thomas was a project manager in the telephony business before joining LDCom to oversee the first DSL rollouts in the early 2000s. He later held several positions within the group: CIO (residential market), Project Director (residential market) and Director of Devices and Services Platforms.

He joined Link Care Services in 2009 as Technical Director. The LCS research and development division, which he directs, developed EDAO video monitoring, an innovative system which combines unique analysis software and video sensors to detect falls of any kind. A working group of professionals from nursing homes, the Limoges university hospital, the Paris public hospital administration, and engineers from the design office are developing a new mobile system to allow dependent individuals to come and go freely while ensuring their safety.

Isabelle Pelé picIsabelle Pelé
Director of Operations

Certified gerontologist Isabelle Pelé worked as a podiatrist in hospitals and private practice before holding positions in strategy consulting, marketing management and sales management at public and private health care facilities and day centres. Isabelle’s wide range of experience in such different environments has given her much insight into the careers, roles, culture, values and economics of the health care and health care technology industries.

In addition to her new role at Link Care Services, which she joined in 2012, Isabelle is an instructor and regularly published medical researcher.


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“EDAO is proven effective both in terms of the complications resulting from a serious fall and of its economic and medical value.” Professor Dantoine, Geriatrician,
Head of the Geriatric Ward, Limoges University Hospital
(Based on a fully independent study carried out at the hospital and in nursing homes)

“With EDAO, we can detect any type of fall faster than before, intervene better than before, and, above all, understand what happened. Thanks to this system, the number of falls overall has diminished – repeated falls in particular. EDAO has become an integrated component of patient care.” Dr Drunat, Geriatrician
Head, Neuropsychogeriatric unit, Hôpital Bretonneau, Paris

“EDAO complements the care provided at night by staff, who are reassured by the fact that they are immediately notified when someone falls. EDAO is also an appreciated tool for communication with families.” Ms Martiny, Nurse
Care manager, Le Kem Geriatric Hospital, Thionville (SOS Group)

“EDAO is useful for everyone: residents, care providers, doctors, management and families. Night staff feel less stress knowing they’ll be notified as soon as someone falls. To my knowledge, there have been no falls with serious consequences since we installed EDAO.” Mrs Lavanant, Director
Bévière Nursing Home, Grenoble (ARRBPA Group)

“EDAO makes residents lives better and the caregiver’s job easier thanks to the increased safety it provides at night.” Mr Loubet, Director
Bellevue Nursing Home, Briatexte

“The number of serious falls has significantly decreased thanks to EDAO. Care teams feel confident in the care they provide and can organize care more effectively.” Mr Tondon, Director
La Roseraie Nursing Home, Croissy-sur-Seine

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